South Evergreen Schoolhouse

Saving an important piece of history

South Evergreen Schoolhouse  -  Old Photos

The teacher in this photo is Miss Lizzie Golden.

Lizzie taught at the South Evergreen school in 1892 and in 1894.

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A few years ago, this photo appeared in a

Polkton Township publication

This photo was taken after the photo on the left.  It shows a new outhouse to the left of the schoolhouse.  According to Doug Hehl, the double door outhouse (shown in the photo on the left) was replaced with two single door outhouses.  One was placed to the left of the schoolhouse and the other was placed to the right of the schoolhouse.


Also note the window pane count in this photo is the same as the window pane count in the photo on the left.  Now take a look at the window panes in the next two photos.


This photo courtesy of the Al Lindberg family.

John Chestag

South Evergreen teacher, 1920.



Back Row:  Mrs. Dewitt, Tony Hehl, Suzanne Lemieux, Peggy Modderman, Robert Barbrick,

                  David Lemieux, Jerome Anderson, Melvin Hintz


Middle Row:  Marilyn Lemieux, Roger Hintz, Doug Hehl, Charlotte Probst, Theda Kay Hehl,

                    Leora Barbrick, Carol Voshel, Theresa Anderson, Sarah Lemiux.


Front Row:  Augie Swanson, _____, Pat Hehl, Mike VenRoy, _____, Eloise Voshel,

                   Lance Mitchel, Glenn Barbrick, Probst.


This photo of South Evergreen students was taken about 1925.


Teacher:  Mrs. Rankins


Back Row:  Lillian Zimmer, Lenora Reid, Frances Spinner, Ruth Hintz, Mary Modderman, Mary Smith,

                 Vienna Tikkanen, Madeline VenRoy, Frances Zimmer, Julia Smith, Pauline Bennink, Rose Vargo


Next Middle Row:  Katherine Smith, Mildred Zimmer, Jeanetta Bennink, Elizabeth Smith,

                            Frances Venema, Esther Smith, Gertrude ???, Dorothy Hintz, Wilma Venema


Next Middle Row:  Evert Way, Paul Reid, Garrett Bennink, Reino Tikkanen, Arnold Tikkanen,

                            Howard Hintz, Leo Hintz


Front Row:  Harry (Tom) Modderman, Mars (Jack) Hintz, Warren Beukema, Emil Tikkanen, Siguard Tikkanen,

                  John Vargo, Robert Way


Frances and Wilma Venema grew up on the farm located immediately to the east of the South Evergreen schoolhouse.  In 1960 Frances, Wilma and their Mother ( Minnie ) purchased the South Evergreen schoolhouse from the school district.    ( See Deeds page )

This photo was taken about 1927


BACK ROW:  (3 boys ) Tom Modderman, Emil Tikkanenm Mars (Jack) Hintz, Lillian Zimmer, Rose Vargo, Esther Smith, Julia Vargo, Elizabeth Smith, Jeanetta Bennink


ROW 2:  (2 boys) Harvey Veeneman, Leo Hintz (then back a little) Leona Baldus, Mildred Zimmer, Esther Hintz, _____, Wilma Venema, Arlene Voshel, Katherine Smith, Margaret Veeneman, Clara Spinner, Dorothy Hintz, Miss Esther Moberg (Teacher), Irene Zimmer.


ROW 3:  (Beginning with girls) Ruth Veeneman, Ann Spinner, _____, _____, _____, Evelyn Townsend, Gertrude Tikkanen, Doris Modderman, Sophie Smith, Vivian Metzler, Simon Baldus.


FRONT ROW:  Harold Williams, John Vargo, Robert Way, Joe Vargo, Howard Bennink, George Smith, _____, _____, Art Tikkanen, _____.

South Evergreen teacher



BACK ROW: Joe Spinner, Fred Metzler, Bernie Baldus, Bernadine Baldus, Jean Modderman, Nancy Bennink, Louella Spinner, Nordahl Voshel, Ed Tikkanen.


FRONT ROW: Bob Modderman, Doug Hehl, Fred Voshel, Roger Hintz, Junior Hintz, Philip Metzler



BACK ROW:  Jean Modderman, Doris Modderman, Vivian Metzler, Mildred Zimmer, Sophie Smith, Nordahl Voshel, Miss Louise Spinner (Teacher)


MIDDLE ROW: Louella Spinner, Bernadean Baldus, Fred Metzler, _____, Art Tikkanen


FRONT ROW: Edward Tikkanen, Bob Modderman, Louis Vargo, Bernard Baldus, Joe Spinner



FIRST ROW:  Danny Ven Roy, David Holmes, Jack LeMieux, Geoff Wickstead, Robert Lee Hintz, Leslie Lindberg


SECOND ROW:  Sharon Verkerke, Carol Voshel, Helen Ven Roy, Barbara Busman, Laura Tikkanen, Darlene Verkerke, Linda Modderman Marge Lindberg


THIRD ROW:  Mike Wickstead, Rodney Jonio, George Spinner, Johnny Spinner, Eddy Probst, Joel LeMieux, Ronnie Lindberg, Paul Lindberg


FOURTH ROW:  Mary Holmes, Judy Start, Judy LeMieux, Bruce LeMieux, Eddy Start, Eugene LeMieux, David Merek


TEACHER:  Mrs. Lola Burke


South Evergreen Schoolhouse about 1960

Fred Baldus, Charlie Barward


Joe Voshsel, Jake Hehl, Bill Rouff, Matt Mergerner, Paul Zimmer, Fred Voshel, Mart Hehl, Herman Rouff, Bill Hintz, Neal Voshel.


Lootse Voshel, Pauline Baldus, Fredanaw Strover, Groom, Bride (Trace Strover), Maude Baldus, Mrs. Rouff, Katie Hehl, Frances Mergerner, Unknown.


Fred Hehl, Johnny Rouff, Mayme Voshel with baby boy, Minnie Venema with baby Franes Venema Fitzpatrick. 

Back Row:


Second Row:



Third Row:



Front Row

Most of these people lived in the South Evergreen Neighborhood.


The event was a wedding.  The date was 1916.

The location was the first house to the west of the South Evergreen Schoolhouse.

This is a photo of the South Evergreen Students that attended the South Evergreen Reunion in 2000.