South Evergreen Schoolhouse

Saving an important piece of history

South Evergreen Schoolhouse  -  Recent Photos

This sign has been displayed over the schoolhouse door since the 1970’s.

Door bell and name tag.

Kim Pearce was the last resident to live in the South Evergreen schoolhouse.

Clearing snow off the schoolhouse roof  - -  February 19, 2014

Jim Fitzpatrick put together a sign to show the progress of the Preservation Project.

Jim Fitzpatrick and Jan Kimble installed the sign on August 8, 2014.

Howard and Anna Sarber ( Anna Klapp ) helped with the sign installation

Anna went to school at South Evergreen.

At that time, Anna lived on Garfield west of 88th.

Here are three views of the schoolhouse roof from the attic.  October 12, 2014

This is Jim Fitzpatrick uncovering the foundation of the old outhouse that appears in the photo to the right.


October 12, 2014

This photo was taken in 1892 or 1894.

Jim Key and Jim Fitzpatrick made this new lid for the well pit at South Evergreen.


April 2015

This guard rail was installed July 13, 2015

This mailbox was found by the wood shed on the South Evergreen school grounds.


The small thermometer has the word “Purchase” at its base, the new longer thermometer has the word “Preservation” at its base with the number 35,000.00 at its top.

On September 19, 2015 past students and teachers attended a South Evergreen open house.

Three South Evergreen teachers attended the open house.


From Left to Right: Lerine Lindberg, Marie Nellist and Nancy Hazekamp

December 12, 2015

South Evergreen’s booth at the

Coopersville Christmas Craft Fair.

These bird houses were made from old barn wood

that was found on the inside of the

South Evergreen Schoolhouse.

Here are some things that we had for sale at the Coopersville Christmas Craft Fair.

South Evergreen Schoolhouse Note Cards.

Painting by Tami Plont.


$15.00 for 8 cards with envelopes.

Coopersville High School Art Class Students participated in a design competition.  Each student designed a logo for South Evergreen.


Katherine’s logo was chosen from many excellent logos to become the official South Evergreen Schoolhouse logo.  Katherine Hunter is a Senior this year and is planning on attending Cornerstone University in the fall.


Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Key and Kathy Walt presented Katherine with a recognition plaque on April 28th 2016.


2 oz ink well found in the South Evergreen Schoolhouse.

These ink wells were used up and into the 1940’s.

Bit of Luck 4-H Club did some work on the South Evergreen property.


Left to Right: Rich Kelley, Dustin Kelley, Adrianna Kelley, Ellen Kelley, Makaya Zimmerman (pink boots), Haleigh Peterson, Mabel Maloley, Darbee Shears, and Chad Zimmerman.

May 2017

To promote the South Evergreen preservation project, we had a tent booth at the February 22, 2014 Coopersville Outhouse 500 and Chili Cook-off.  For only $5.00, you were able to purchase a toilet paper roll with a wrapper that had a photo of the schoolhouse and information about making donations.  We also sold corn cob TP holders.  All proceeds went to the South Evergreen Schoolhouse fund.


For more information on the Coopersville Outhouse 500 and Chili Cook-off you can visit their website at the following link:

Coopersville Outhouse 500

Jim Key and Jim Fitzpatrick making TP holders for the Coopersville Outhouse 500.  The TP holders were constructed of corn cobs and old barn wood.


Single, double, triple and Quad TP holders were available at the Outhouse 500.

This is one of the original South Evergreen school outhouses.


See Along Brandy Creek page.

To promote the South Evergreen preservation project, we entered a float in the December 6th, 2014 Coopersville Nighttime Christmas Parade.


We won the Chamber of Commerce award.

Here is the float the night of the parade.

The Chamber of Commerce award.

November 2017

A group of local Boy scouts and their families volunteered their work to construct a kiosk for the schoolhouse.

Many thanks to Jake Barkel, his grandfather and parents and Troop 281 of Walker, MI!

The kiosk will provide schoolhouse information, photos and history.

July 9, 2018

The kiosk information was updated on July 9, 2018.

Aerial views of the schoolhouse

September 9,2018

November 12, 2018

With this ramp, the schoolhouse is now more accessible.

December 3, 2018

We had to remove a large Maple tree that was damaged in a wind storm that occurred earlier this year.

The September 2019 storm also brought down a large limb

from a tree that stands behind the schoolhouse.

Lightning struck the flag pole in September 2019

This is how the schoolhouse looked

before the storm.

The flag itself never struck the ground.

After the storm the flag pole lay in pieces.

The fallen Limb

Bob Lemieux Loading the Limb

Job Well Done