South Evergreen Schoolhouse

Saving an important piece of history

South Evergreen Schoolhouse  -  Year in Review



Removed the fiber boards from the interior walls.

Removed the remaining ceiling tiles to show the tongue and groove ceiling.

Raked and seeded lawn. Mowed the lawn as needed.

Had a pancake breakfast in Nunica Township Hall.

Discovered name tags on the walls after we removed the fiber board ceiling. Jim Fitzpatrick made a plaque with them on it.

Had a tri-school reunion along with Hanchett and Lawrence.

Had a logo contest with Coopersville High School students.

Removed all the old wiring in the schoolhouse to make it safe.

Had an Amish crew replace siding where needed.

Had a new front door custom made. Yet to be installed.

Rebuilt the old wood flag pole. Yet to be reinstalled.

Scraped the exterior of the schoolhouse and caulked nail holes.

Had the schoolhouse and wood shed primed with a lead encapsulating paint.

Had the schoolhouse and wood shed exterior painted.

The bell tower is nearing completion, Yet to be installed.  

Township purchased 1 acre to the West of the schoolhouse for future parking needs.

Updates were made to South Evergreen Schoolhouse’s facebook and web site.

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